day-4-geographic-harbor-4Market and Industry Data

We subscribe to a large number of databases and publications, and have built up a long list of useful websites for ready access when we need it. We often help our associates and clients in finding market and industry data for special projects.


Many businesses do not have the internal skills to prepare useful financial projections. We have often helped associates and clients in preparing financial projections for planning and other purposes. While projections are bound to be inaccurate to some degree, it’s still important to make an attempt to anticipate how the business will do. Sometimes, it’s helpful to project out several scenarios. We often do an optimistic, a “most likely, ” and a pessimistic scenario, and see what they imply for the owners and employees of the business.

Value Consulting

We occasionally are asked to comment on the factors that either increase or decrease the value of an operating business. We can run scenarios with different projections, which can be helpful with goal-setting. This can be helpful to a client doing exit planning, or planning to bring in investors, or thinking about borrowing or restructuring.

Intangible Assets and Other Specific Assets

Frequently situations arise in which the value of specific Intangible Assets is important. These may be related to a sale or proposed sale of an asset, or for purchase price allocation. We have a collection of methods refined over the years for most classes of Intangible Assets, some of which are listed here:

  • Patents
  • IP in progress
  • Trade secrets, drawings, processes
  • Brand names, trademarks
  • Web sites, proprietary software
  • Customer lists
  • Supplier agreements
  • Graphics and art
  • Workforce in place

Other specific assets sometimes require a value:

  • Investments in other businesses
  • Notes payable or receivable

Assets We Don’t Value…

(But we can help with referrals to competent specialists)

  • Real Estate
  • Inventory
  • Operating equipment
  • Custom-build or modified equipment