BEAR Business Valuation LLC is a business valuation firm working through a nationwide network of valuation experts, CPAs, business brokers, business owners, and consultants. BEAR was founded in 1986, and along the way, we adopted the grizzly bear as our totem.

Among our staff we have all of the major valuation credentials, and most of our associates nationwide have one or more valuation credentials. BEAR has participated in more than 7,500 valuations of business interests in over 400 industries. We used to think that by now, we must have seen everything at least once, but apparently that’s not the case—we still learn something new almost every day, and we’ve been steadily incorporating improvements since day one.



We join your team of trusted advisers, and utilize information your CPA and others have accumulated about your business. This avoids duplication of effort, keeps costs down, and allows us to benefit from their years of experience with your company. We combine this in-depth knowledge of your business with market and industry data and our expertise to arrive at the most reliable valuation possible.


BEAR has participated in more than 7,500 valuations in over 400 industries, with virtually no dispute or adjustments to value. We incorporate extensive market research into our time-tested proprietary system for reliable results produced quickly.

We have valued entire businesses and shares of businesses for all kinds of purposes:

  • Gifts and estates—About half our work has been for IRS reporting purposes
  • Intellectual property transfers—Patents, trade secrets, trademarks, web sites, etc.
  • Asset holding company transfers—Family limited partnerships, real estate holding companies, etc.
  • Purchase or sale of an entire business
  • Purchase or sale of a fractional interest in a business
  • IRC 409A valuations—Setting stock price for granting options
  • C to S conversion
  • Litigation regarding the value of a business or interest
  • ESOPs (employee stock ownership plans)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Goodwill impairment
  • Estate and exit planning
  • Early stage company investment

We have valued businesses in over 400 industries, and have extensive experience and expertise in several:

  • Computer Software and Systems
  • Construction
  • Electronics Design and Manufacturing
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Computer Equipment
  • Metalworking
  • Advertising and Graphic Design
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Automobile and Truck Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Food Processing
  • Medical and Dental Clinics and Practices
  • Management Consulting and Accounting
  • Agricultural Operations

We have valued all forms of business ownership, including:

  • C and S Corporation Common and Preferred Stock
  • Limited (LP) and General Partnership (GP) units
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) units
  • Voting and Non-Voting Interests
  • Notes and Convertible Notes
  • Options and Warrants
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Phantom Stock
  • Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs)

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